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Erika Lee has been training horses and riders of all ages and experience since 2005. She is a level II USEA certified instructor (ICP) coach, and achieved her A-rating in both eventing and dressage through the United States Pony Club (USPC) organization when she was just 18 years old. In 2010 Erika decided to take her passion and make it her full time career. Erika is passionate about growing the equestrian community, and dedicates much of her time supporting local Pony Clubs with their education programs as she is a firm believer in Pony Club being an excellent foundation for kids and adults alike in solid and correct horsemanship.

When instructing, Erika strives for improving the confidence of both horse and rider by teaching fundamentals that create better communication, partnership and harmony. She focuses on creating well-rounded riders by teaching horsemanship, leadership, and respect for both animals and riders. Erika is an active competitor in both eventing and dressage, and is a USDF bronze medalist, and has developed several horses and students through the preliminary level. She is a skilled horsewoman and her experience in many disciplines helps her with young and/or difficult horses that may need someone who can think outside the box and problem solve.

In her teachings, Erika places a strong emphasis on the basics in order to help riders develop lasting partnerships with their horses. To Erika, creating happy horses that love their work is done by teaching patience and empathy in training, and by creating healthy environments with excellent care and management where horses can learn and thrive. Erika is known for her positive attitude, love of the sport, and for always challenging riders to take opportunities to learn.

Areas of expertise:

  • Building horse and rider partnership

  • Developing capable riders

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Horse health, nutrition and conditioning

  • Educational programs

  • Dressage and three-day eventing

  • Horse training for optimal results: communication, confidence and skills

  • Developing and producing young horses

  • Horse and rider safety

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