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DuoStar Dressage LLC offers professional dressage training and instruction by Lauren Henderson who has over 20 years experience (USDF Bronze and Silver medalist) from beginner level to competitive FEI levels. Located at the Stables at Magnolia Ridge in Monroe, WA. Accepting new students for lessons as well as horses for training and qualified horses for sales. Haul-ins for lessons welcome. Lauren is also available for clinics and mini clinics for local barns. Lauren focuses on correct classical basics and taking the time to set a strong foundation to develop horses in a kind and compassionate way up the levels. She believes the goal of Dressage is to create a happy and healthy athlete that moves in harmony with the rider. Each horse is respected as a unique individual and treated with the highest care. Always taking into account each horse's history, temperament, and physical strengths/weaknesses. Lauren’s extensive experience also as a barn manager aa well as having had bred and raised foals gives her a holistic approach to training and looking at all aspects of a horses care to problem solve. She incorporates ground work, lunging, longlining, and cavelletti work as needed in the training. For horses in training, they are exclusively ridden by Lauren herself and not by an assistant/working student so you can be sure you are getting the training you are paying for. As an instructor she enjoys working with all levels of riders to further their education, address fears/obstacles, and set goals in a positive and encouraging way. Her goal is to develop independent riders that understand the why of what they are doing. Lauren has multiple regional championship wins and placings and also enjoys helping clients succeed in the show ring and competing client horses. She currently has her own young horse that she is developing as her next future FEI horse. We are all continual students of dressage and Lauren is always working to further her own education. The biggest influence on her work is her long time mentor Henrik Johansen ( and continues to host regular clinics with him. She also has spent time training in Germany at several barns there and extended training periods with Olympian Steffen Peters in San Diego. Some of the other clinicians she has enjoyed working with are Jill Hassler, Bonnie Bonnello, Scott Hassler, Christope Theallet, Christine Traurig, Kristi Wysocki, Ulf Wadeborn and Jesse Sommerville.

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